artistic statement

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As an artist and researcher I am working with spaces and their experience. I grapple with questions of aesthetics and the emergence of atmospheres - usually interpreted as felt space.

In my studio practice, I combine analogue and digital media. I create interactive environments, sculptures and photographs through which I initiate an interplay between the recipient and his/her surrounding. I hereby invite the recipient to follow given points of views, to question spatial environments according to their atmospherical appearance or to follow playfully proposed directives.

One example of this is the artwork »Constructing Paradise« which was commissioned by the Bundes-gartenschau in Schwerin and realised in 2009. In this participatory artwork, I looked into the habitability of paradisiacal places. I designed seven various paradise-concepts and supplemented them with a set of do-it-yourself workshops. It was my intention that the user of »Constructing Paradise« would set up and inhabit the proposed paradises at his/her home. The necessary tools and information for all paradises are stored on a CD. This CD includes artistic prototypes, instructions and design examples, photo, video and sound files, bits and pieces aimed at the human senses and the perception of one’s immediate surroundings.

I got deeper into this topic throughout my artistic inquiries and obtained a doctorate in 2012. By taking outer space as an example of the most extreme place where humans could sojourn, I delved into the design and impact of artworks presented and used in extreme environments. It was important for me to identify the requirements that could transform artworks into a strategy of compensation and enable spacefarers a virtual closeness to their home planet. I summarised my results in the »Book of Principles«. The book is an interdisciplinary set of guidelines supplemented by artistic prototypes and relevant design parameters. It is made for both artists and scientists, as part of a concerted research effort.

I am currently investigating comparable spatial surroundings on Earth in order to deploy and expand my findings. For example, in my recent photo works (place evaluation and second hand journeys) I question the individual appraisal of natural places and scrutinise why some surroundings attract humans and others do not and what makes them so fascinating for some people to go there.