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keywords :: senses / sensory understimulation / cosmic phenomenas

300 sensorialness

The Artwork of Sensorialness enhances earthly stimuli and provides the user with sensory abundance.

The Artwork of Sensorialness offers Earth-bound sensorial impressions. It triggers vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch and sense of balance and augments the indoor high-tech environment with notable stimulations and exports sensory abundance into outer space. This might be needed because living confined on the same spot for nearly three years will become tedious. Suitable artworks might be an option to stimulate the individual.

Non-earthly phenomena could open another field of artistic interest. Because some space-bound phenomena, such as solar radiation, are not perceivable for us humans, these occurences could be transferred into the human field of perception. In so doing the artwork will connect the spacefarer with the outside "empty" environment.

photo © spaceflight.nasa.gov

Sensorialness :: recommended research areas
:: research in art as sensorial stimulator
:: development of new metaphors
:: artworks using smell and taste, integrating safety restrictions
:: synaesthetic art concepts
:: research in augmented and extended senses
:: functional aesthetics versus art, research into new media artforms

Sensorialness :: suggested types of work
:: cross media artworks
:: interactivity
:: use of on board equipment