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constructing paradise_manual

2009 – 2011 | participatory artwork | mixed media

manual detail, shipping manual detail, eden detail drugstore manual detail, hawaii
manual detail, moon manual detail, purgatory manual detail, moon manual detail, purgatory

constructing paradise provides the user with seven paradise concepts. They are outlined in a manual which includes many hints and useful advises for setting up an individual paradisiacal place at ones home. While following the suggested place concepts, the user can get started with the eden paradise, which stands for the most natural and original of all ideas of paradise. The purgatory paradise represents a counter concept to the idyllic and depicts places of pain and amazement. The baroque paradise visualises disciplined nature, while the moon paradise creates a utopian place and shows the plurality of worlds. The hawaii concept contains images and souvenirs of an actual realised paradise. The shipping paradise, however, stands for the search for adventure and the extraordinary. Finally, the seventh paradise shows the drugstore, which is the place of speed and stimulation.
All constructing paradise data are stored on a CD and available via  >> edition sutstein


constructing paradise_installation

2009 | installation in public space | mixed media | 300 x 244 x 244 cm
commissioned by BUGA Bundesgartenschau 2009, Schwerin, Germany


constructing paradise was exhibited in a blue pavilion in the baroque castle garden of Schwerin. Over the course of the Bundesgartenschau a paradise-specialist provided the visitors with additional information and explained the paradises and their use.

>>> constructing paradise/buga


detail, inside

detail, eden

detail, hawaii paradise

pavillon with recipient

pavillon, closed
Entworfene Natur | BUGA Bundesgartenschau, Schwerin, Germany 2009

>>> constructing paradise/buga

constructing paradise 2009/11