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1995 | single-channel video sculpture | 160 x 55 x 55 cm

haeuten, sculpture exhibited in Staedtische Galerie Bremen in 1996
female coalities Staedtische Galerie Bremen, 1996

Originally developed as the central prop for a video performance during which a singer slowly walks through a deserted forest while rendering Gustav Mahler‘s lied »Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen«, the video sculpture haeuten consists of a black rubber body suit slit into the form of a bodice. It is festooned with miniature LCD monitors displaying extreme close-ups of the surface of human and animal skins. On coming closer to the sculpture, the visitor hears the unsettling humming of mosquitoes flying to certain death upon the fluorescent rods of an insect-exterminating contraption.

haeuten video still sheep  haeuten, videostill bock
haeuten skins, video stills


haeuten performance 1997

haeuten performance at ZKM media museum 1997  performance zkm
haeuten performance at ZKM media museum 1997  haeuten performance at ZKM media museum 1997
1997, during the opening ceremony of the ZKM Media Museum Karlsruhe with sopranist Anastasia Vareli
* supported by: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein + ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe

>>> haeuten/ ZKM

haeuten 1995/97