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nomadic nature kit

2010 | mixed media installation | size variable 240 x 100 x 380 cm

nomadic nature kit installation at HEAD, Geneve
Théorie des modèles, Art & Science: trop simple, trop complexe | HEAD Geneve 2010
photo © Dorothee Baumann 2010

The nomadic nature kit is made for future astronauts going on long-term flights into outer space. While symbolizing the ideal home and paradise, the plant-based artwork acts as a visual replacement for planet Earth, representing its natural beauty by depicting earthbound life cycles and plants.

>> book of principles

nomadic nature kit, photo: heinrich hermes
nomadic nature kit | object assembled | artwork for astronauts | 40 x 40 x 38 cm
photo © Heinrich Hermes 2010

nomadic nature kit, hemisphere 001    data sheet

left side hemisphere    data sheet
earth-bound set up of the nomadic nature kit, hemispheres and data sheets
photos © Dorothee Baumann 2010

installation at RMIT, Melbourne 2012
2112 Imagining the Future | RMIT Gallery Melbourne 2012
photo © Mark Ashkanasy 2012

nomadic nature kit 2010