book of principles

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Her interest in nature and concepts of place brought Kirsten Johannsen into outer space, a realm which she construes as the most extreme and dangerous region where humans could sojourn. In order to go and to survive there, the individual needs to be equipped with a self-sustaining system.

In her interdisciplinary research, Johannsen outlined a novel artistic practice and developed a theory in which she combined the arts with the research field of human space flight. She hereby used works of art as a strategy of compensation and sorted them according to the five categories of »Limitlessness«, »Placelessness«, »Sensorialness«, »Homelikeliness« and »Closenessness«. They were completed by a set of design parameters and artistic prototypes.

Johannsen assumes, by following these specifications, artworks could be interconnected with current research questions into human space flight and, potentially, the utilisation of suitable works of art could help the sojourner to overcome some of the expected emotional impacts while being off our planet.

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