2002 | Interactive media installation | size variable, minimum 300 x 300 x 250 cm

slice game, kunstverein ulm, Artists' Games, Public's Games
»Artists‘ Games, Public’s Games« Kunstverein Ulm 2002

slice game, kunstverein ulm, Artists' Games, Public's Games


The interactive media installation is based on concepts of home and being together. In slice_game the user plays a game of concentration that goes by the name »Memory Spiel« in Germany in order to train the cognitive skills of children and adults. The table and game here become central props in the shared experience and a metaphor for intellectual exchange.

Digital instructions are geared towards the curiosity and imagination of the participating players. They coax the player into performative moves and ask questions about the person and life. These questions span between trivialities and profundities, such as »Let’s talk about your last love affair« or »Stand up and execute a pirouette«. All the instructions aim to foster mutual interest for one another.

slice game, interactive media installation
instructions, screenshots

slice_game 2002