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coverWalk Schloss Biesdorf, mancherorts
»mancherorts«  Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin 2018   Photo © Ludger Paffrath

In »coverWalks« Johannsen explores some European big cities and investigates the question of how these places feel like. For this purpose, the artist walks through the city centres while taking photographs of the ground and recording their specific ambient sounds. In the postproduction, all data are combined and looped. The exhibition space allows interested visitors to rediscover and compare the urban atmospheres.

video still, coverwalk vienna
Vienna 25 03 2015 | 03:55 min
video still, coverwalk rome
Rome 24 02 2016 | 03:28 min
video still, coverwalk edinburgh
Edinburgh 02 08 2017 | 05:57 min
video still, coverwalk berlin
Berlin 03 09 2015 | 04:53 min

coverWalks  since 2015