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The Artwork of Placelessness is a substitute for Planet Earth.
Its presence creates virtual closeness to the home planet and its unique meaning.

The Nomadic Nature Kit
mixed media art object
35 x 35 x 38 cm

The Nomadic Nature Kit is a three dimensional object and is based on the concept of a portable garden. The artwork is suited for individual activities as well as being an aesthetic object of reflection. It was the intention to develop a zero-gravity artwork that would provide the long-term astronaut with something that helps him/her mentally overcome the distance between the spaceship and Earth. In doing so, the artwork visualizes Earth-bound place concepts and nature. It seperates between "here" and "there" and brings Earth into appearance.

photo © Heinrich Hermes 2010


The artwork consists of two transparent hemispheres that are connected to each other. Miniature biotopes are mounted on the bottom surface of each half of a sphere in the middle of the object. The round body is transparent on all sides and can be used by the astronaut while floating in weightless space.

The Nomadic Nature Kit is designed as a closed loop. It includes all elements necessary to support and control conditions inside the biotope and the plants growth. Inbuilt sensors control humidity, oxygen and temperature, as well as nutrition levels. These data are transferred to the space traveler's personal messenger and enable ongoing control and maintenance.

first draft, 2009