Aeonion Concert 

2000 | Single-channel video installation | size variable, minimum 400 x 400 x 350 cm

five video objects suspended in space by thin steel cables
»Aeonion Concert« Projektraum Berlin, Mathias Kampl 2000  Photo © Heinrich Hermes


The aeonion concert is made up of five cone-shaped »cosmic bodies«. Each one is separately suspended in space through a steel-rope construction. Every object consists of a small LCD television set, in front of which a magnifying lens has been installed. The screens of the TV sets display the black and white patterns of interference, masked by circles or squares. The fivefold composition as well as the varying editing rhythms are of pentatonic derivation, as is the audible glass harp music. The daylight falling into the room is filtered through gelatine foil, thus immersing the installation in »eternal« blue.

video still, cosmic background radiotion, square

video still, cosmic background radiotion, circle

Aeonion Concert 2000