Works  Installation + Object

folded maps, detail
Very First Place 2023
some laser cuts depicting a botanical plant, workshop view
Herbal Cuts 2023
photograph showing the landscape of Lenzen
Archive of Many Places since 2022
small boxes of butterflies cut out of paper
Sibylla’s Collection 2021
constructing paradise, tablet, website
Constructing Paradise 2020
Lasercut bird silhouettes attached to a wall with steel needles
Return of the Birds 2018
Details, white model houses on the floor in the exhibition room
Blank Town 2018
two metal shelves on top of two glass half-spheres filled with plants
Nomadic Nature Kit 2010

Works  Photography

open book showing cloud photos
Constable’s Catalogue 2021
blurred desk lamp, photo
{ withinPlaces } 2018
sample book with jigsaw puzzle motifs
My Father’s Home 2018
visitor walking along seven photographs depicting a city
Stadtreisen 2017
set of evaluation cards
Place Evaluation 2017
sublime spotting exhibition set-up with seven frames along the wall
Sublime Spotting 2017
table with photographs showing the serie "Fairy Tales"
Fairy Tales since 2006

Works  Video

Cyranos Belt presented by a model, videostill
Cyrano’s Belt 2017
monitor in a bookshelf of the Amerika Gedenk Bibliothek, Berlin, during the show "Public Library"
Second Hand Journeys 2016
leaves on a green surface
Botticellian Trees 2016
videostill, pavement of Vienna
coverWalks since 2015