Constructing Paradise

2020 | Artistic Intervention in Public Space + Website
Commissioned by KulturRegion Stuttgart & Q Galerie für Kunst, Schorndorf »Unter Beobachtung. Kunst des Rückzugs«


With »Constructing Paradise«, Kirsten Johannsen focuses on the ideal place: paradise, the retreat par excellence! The artist has developed seven different paradisiacal ideas and derived a number of building instructions from them. Two paradise experts commissioned by the artist explain the concepts to interested visitors in Schorndorf city center and illustrate how they can be implemented within one’s own home. In addition, the Schorndorf Q-Galerie serves as a point of contact and source of information for passers-by.

Those longing for paradise can also embark on their journey independently of their visit to Schorndorf. Johannsen has set up a website on which she offers the necessary materials for download: from furnishing recommendations and construction instructions to clothing tips and cooking recipes, as well as photographs, graphics, films and music.

»Unter Beobachtung. Kunst des Rückzugs«  Stefanie Bäuerle, catalogue excerpt Unter Beobachtung – KulturRegion Stuttgart

two paradise specialists standing on the marketplace of Schorndorf

marketplace of Schorndorf

paradise specialists talking with passer-bys

paradise specialist explains the website

paradise specialist explains the website

constructing paradise props

Constructing Paradise | Schorndorf 2020

website view of constructing paradise

website view of eden props

Constructing Paradise

2009 | Installation | total seize 300 x 244 x 244 cm | mixed media
Commissioned by BUGA Bundesgartenschau »Entworfene Natur« Schwerin, Germany


In 2009 »Constructing Paradise« was exhibited in a blue pavilion in the baroque castle garden of Schwerin in Germany. Over the course of the Bundesgartenschau (BUGA) a paradise-specialist explained the paradises and their use to interested visitors.


Castle garden, Schwerin

contructing paradise pavilion

contructing paradise pavilion with guests

contructing paradise pavilion with requisits

contructing paradise pavilion with paradise specialist

contructing paradise pavilion with requisits

closed contructing paradise pavilion in the garden

Constructing Paradise | Bundesgartenschau Schwerin 2009