Cyrano’s Belt

2016 | HD – Video | 7.30 min


Cyranos belt placed around the hips, front view, videostill


In the 17th century, French author Cyrano de Bergerac described a journey to the moon. To overcome gravitational forces, he invented a belt to which he attached several small bottles filled with morning dew, which were then heated by sunlight. Equipped with this belt, travelers could reach the moon. – The video takes this idea and provides a DIY workshop for those interested in learning how to create the belt themselves.

workshop instructor, video still

Cyrano belt pattern laying on a table, videostill

all materials required to manufacture the Cyrano belt, videostill

Note to observe thermodynamics, videostill

full moon photograph, videostill

fastening the belt loops, videostill

Cyranos belt placed around the hips, side view, videostill

Cyrano’s Belt 2016