My Father’s Home

2018 | 32 Fine Art Pigment Prints & 32 Jigsaw Puzzles, total size variable

table with jigsaw puzzle pieces

table with puzzle pieces, exhibition set up
World in a Room, Projektraum für Fotografie, Berlin 2018 | Photo © Ludger Paffrath

The conceptual photographic work is dedicated to the private space and examines the significance of everyday objects. The exhibition presents personal objects that can be put together like a puzzle, encouraging visitors to reflect on themselves and the world around us.

sample book with jigsaw puzzle motifs

exhibition visitors put together a jigsaw puzzle

Exhibition visitors put together a jigsaw puzzle, top view

artist standing beside the table during the exhibition

small pieces of guest soaps in a plastic dish

bowl with staniol sheets on a marble bench

small black forest figurine on carpet

small bar of soap on a round cloth

Stamps in plastic trays

purple Usambara arrow as an artificial flower

a person flips through the puzzle pattern book

jigsaw puzzle pattern book

My Father’s Home 2018