Sublime Spotting

2016 | Fine Art Pigment Prints, 80 x 40 cm each


sublime spotting, exhibition set-up with seven frames along the wall
World in a Room, Projektraum für Fotografie, Berlin 2017

In »Sublime Spotting«, Kirsten Johannsen explores contrasting ways in which landscapes are perceived – whether through our personal interpretation or through conventional standards. The photographs depict individuals standing amidst rural scenery, contemplatively observing their surroundings. Each image is paired with a page from Edmund Burke’s seminal work, »On the Sublime and Beautiful« (1757), offering a thought-provoking juxtaposition of visual and philosophical perspectives.

photomontage, landscape with open book

photomontage: man sitting in the landscape and open book

photomontage, top of Vesuv and open book

photomontage, people in the landscape and open book

photomontage: people at a ballustrade and open book

Sublime Spotting 2016