{ withinPlaces }

2018 | Fine Art Pigment Prints & Instructions, 100 x 70 cm each

person standing in the exhibition space
World in a Room | Projektraum für Fotografie, Berlin 2018 | Photo © Ludger Paffrath

In { withinPlaces } Kirsten Johannsen combines large-scale photographs of private places with a unique travel concept inspired by Xavier de Maistre from the 18th century. This French poet revolutionised the notion of voyaging by popularising „room voyages“ and exploring one’s immediate surroundings. Through this unconventional approach, he highlighted the importance of delving into one’s own microcosm rather than seeking far-off destinations.

blurred porcelain vase with lid, photo

blurred table leg, photo

blurred kitchen table, photo

blurred candy bowl, photo

instructions for traveling in once room

Two instructions for traveling in once room

{ withinPlaces } 2018