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artistic research




keywords :: interdisciplinarity / scientific experiment / integrity / analogue environments

0000 interdisciplinarity

Artworks and their impact on space travellers become the object of concerted research.

Art production for interplanetary crewed mission differs from any other kind of artistic production on Earth. Creating artworks for astronauts requires an interdisciplinary working method, which links artists and space specialists in a close collaboration. The reason is the artwork itself, which must be developed for the space traveler’s needs. Its purpose is the physical integrity of the human being. Therefore, the spacefarer’s living environment, his/her well-being, the physical effects of weightless space, as well as the safety requirements of the space agencies will become part of the artistic concept.

Up to now, no works of art for extended crewed missions exist. Artists and scientists cannot refer to any "best of" which have already proved their reliability. Art production for space habitats becomes an absolutely novel territory for artists and human space research.

basics :: recommended research areas
:: space research as testing field for artists
:: artworks as testing field for space research
:: establishment of art and science teams
:: evaluation of new media artworks in space habitats
:: use of analogues environments