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keywords :: exploration / habitability / coping strategy / play of appearance

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The Artwork is used as coping strategy by long-term astronauts.

Principle 001 :: Works of art break the invariance of the capsule design

Artworks are an irritation in the functionality of the space habitat. They enlarge the technical indoor environment into a place of art reception and add a novel value to human spaceflight.


Principle 002 :: Works of art are appearances of another order

Artworks differ from the functional equipment of the space capsule. This difference becomes visible in the works of art itself because it is a representation resulting from the intentional work of the artist.

Works of art always tell us about something. They connect the presence of the recipient with externally existent concepts of thought. In outer space the contact with the artwork allows a virtual extension of the space capsule and so enables mental connections.

Artists should know that not every spacefarer is primed for aesthetic experience. Art perception must be trained. For this reason, not every art concept is suitable for every space traveler. As an individualized tool, the acceptance of artworks and their aesthetic pleasure must already have been familiar to the individual on Earth.


Principle 003 :: The artwork is a coping strategy

Inside the space capsule, works of art provide the space traveler with a real tangible object that acts as a substitute for the lack of stimulation and earthly abundance. Each artwork offers different types of encounter and interpretation. This emphasis of meaning can shift throughout exploration and provide the spacefarer with time.


Principle 004 :: Mere appearance

The mere appearance allows the subject a contemplative encounter with the art object. In the moment of its appearance all sensual qualities become obvious. The object obtrudes from its surroundings. In this way the artwork is free of any utilitarian meaning, marking a relief from the functionality of the design of the habitat.


Principle 005 :: Atmospheric appearance

The atmospheric appearance of the artwork incites correlations. These are grounded in the history and experience of the individual recipient/ space traveller. Atmospheric appearance gives the artwork a meaningful and articulated significance.


Principle 006 :: Artistic appearance

The artistic appearance is a presentation. It is reflexive and full of meaning. Reflection on the artwork redirects the individually lived presence out of the momentary situation and opens novel horizons of understanding.