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keywords :: group / normality / third-quarter phenomenon

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The Artwork of Homelikeliness improves social onboard life.

Principle 401 :: The Artwork of Homelikeliness is designed for the crew

The space capsule is the temporary home of the space traveler. Ones home, family and friends will be replaced by capsule and crew. The common engagement with the Artwork of Homelikeliness facilitates homelike being-there. Its purpose is the creation of normality inside the habitat. The artwork stimulate daily life and transfers earthly living concepts into the habitat.


Principle 402 :: The Artwork of Homelikeliness integrates crew composition

In a group composed of various nationalities, cultural backgrounds and professions, various abilities and interests must be considered in the Artwork of Homelikeliness. The artwork provides the crew with mutual curiosity and playful variety. The integration of individual preferences is necessary!


Principle 403 :: The Artwork of Homelikeliness structures daily life

The artwork integrates time into the artistic concept and disturbs the everyday sameness. In doing so, the common involvement gives the crew time out and distracts from both interpersonal monotony and outside danger. The special artistic challenge will be to plan ahead what space travelers will need for recreation in the future, during their exploratory time.