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200 placelessness_principles

The Artwork of Placelessness is a substitute for Planet Earth.
Its presence creates virtual closeness to the home planet and its unique meaning.

Principle 201 :: The Artwork of Placelessness represents Earth-bound places

The Artwork of Placelessness provides the explorer with a genuine replacement of the home planet. Its appearance is depictive and articulating. Due to the distance and invisibility of Earth, the artwork triggers the reflection about places and their meaning.


Principle 202 :: The Artwork of Placelessness separates between here and there

The Artwork of Placelessness confronts the space traveler with unique questions and various levels of reflection. Theses questions concern the human being and Planet Earth, the human species and future existence, Earth and the preservation of its particular ecosystem.


Principle 203 :: The Artwork of Placelessness depicts the life world of the spacefarer

While interplanetary travelers will be constantly affected by the differences between Earth and spacebound existence. Therefore, the appearing Artwork of Placelessness will become a highly touching, yet disturbing, object. This meaning is caused by the unearthly way of life.

This increased awareness changes the artwork into the most complex of all the other kinds of artworks in indoor space environments. It encompasses aspects of Limitlessness, Sensorialness, Homelikeliness and Closenessness. Artists have to consider these additional meanings.