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keywords :: individual / personal tool / creativity

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The Artwork of Closenessness provides the user with privacy.

EXAMPLE :: Journey around the Place
Do-it-yourself Workshop
Tools :: camera, computer/ email

The artistic concept starts from the idea that cosmic transfer will not be experienced bodily, in truth it will be interpreted as stand still. Transfer to Mars becomes a voyage around the place. This experience of immobility is reversed within the suggested artwork "Journey around the Place". Instead of cosmic dimension the view is turned to the indoor environment of the capsule. No longer the faraway distance is of interest. As an alternative, the exploration of the own micro cosmos is the intention of this participatory art concept. It turns the spacefarer into a travel guide and asks him/her to explore the self and the capsule habitat with its props.

The miniature journey enables the exploration of private imagination and intimate worlds. Xavier de Maistre was the first traveller who favoured this extraordinary way of sojourn. Already at the end of the 18th century the French author started his first voyage around his room. He published his experiences and observation in a travel account while making fun of the tradition of the grand tour narratives. His change of perspective provided him with an ironical look at his individual attitudes and turned his subjective view into an objective distanced one.