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The Artwork of Closenessness provides the user with privacy.

Principle 501 :: The Artwork of Closenessness is designed for an individual purpose

The Artwork of Closenessness is made for creative self-occupation. Far away from home while locked in with the crew in a small space capsule, the traveler will have little opportunity for withdrawal. Engagement with the artwork is a coping strategy. It interjects social monotony while offering individual activities. It opens the contact to the self and creates distance to the comrades.


Principle 502 :: The Artwork of Closenessness establishes contact with the self

The Artwork of Closenessness is a replacement for the missing contact to home and social input from outside. It offers exclusive occupation to the astronaut, which reflects on personal abilities and individual interests. The creative activity with the artwork enables continuity with one’s personal history. It connects the past with the lived capsule present and develops new prospects.

The artwork is an individually tailored coping strategy. It offers participatory art concepts developed in collaboration between the artist and the spacefarer. They are designed during the pre-flight phase and integrate individual preferences and abilities.


Principle 503 :: The Artwork of Closenessness uses personal objects, mementos, souvenirs from Earth

Personal objects are suitable for the development of the Artwork of Closenessness. These objects have a specific personal value for their owner. Additionally they are mobile and can go onboard. Inside the space capsule they create a virtual connection to earth and the place of origin. While occupied with the artwork the spacefarer starts self-communication and detaches him/herself from the surrounding environment.

Artists should know that the artwork matches the spacefarer and the crew as well. Diverse preferences and interests or dissimilar cultural and professional backgrounds can lead to problems during the long transfer time, causing conflicts. Artworks must therefore be suited to the group. Potential sources of irritation should be identified and excluded during the pre-flight phase.


Principle 504 :: The Artwork of Closenessness fosters creativity and flow

The occupation with personal objects cultivates concentration, creativity, and flow. Especially activities such as writing, music, painting, photography, and sport are useful. When demands and abilities are in balance, the user is in control of his/her activity. Intrinsic motivation produces confidence and positive feelings. The pursuit happens for its own sake.