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keywords :: microgravity / multidirectionality / subjective verticality / new design forms / earthly presentation

100 limitlessness_example

The Artwork of Limitlessness supports cognition and human body orientation.

EXAMPLE :: downLink_upLink or contemplation on cosmic delay
interactive bodysuit


The artistic example »downLink_upLink« thematizes the physical space. It combines the floating human body with sounds and uses the corpus as interface for communication with planet Earth. In doing, the performative art concept integrates the expected communication delay which will emerge
between the spacefarer and home planet Earth. This delay will be caused by the growing distance. In a distance of 56 million kilometers, direct information exchange is impossible. In its extreme, sending out data and receiving a response will take up to forty minutes.

In order to perform this artwork, the spacefarer wears a bodysuit with incorporated sensors enabling interaction via radio waves. Through the animation of body parts, the wearer creates and manipulates sounds. Depending on rhythm and speed, the initiated sounds will vary in frequency and intensity.

On Earth, downlinked impulses are changed into acoustic information which will be bounced back to the space capsule. Inside the capsule, the spacefarer can react with additional movements. In doing, extra sounds will be generated and will extend a lasting audible loop.

This artistic concept is based on biological forms of communication as they are used by bats or dolphins. Here, the reflection of ultrasonic waves is used for orientation. Intensity and wavelengths become central references in darkness and multidirectional space.