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keywords :: microgravity / multidirectionality / subjective verticality / new design forms / earthly presentation

100 limitlessness_principles

The Artwork of Limitlessness supports cognition and human body orientation.

Principle 101 :: Weightlessness and multidirectionality as novel artistic material

Outer space provides the artist with design opportunities which would not be applicable on Earth.
Microgravity and multidirectionality are novel materials that can be used by the artist. The
weightless environment changes the physical properties and characteristics of many (non) organic
substances and enables non-earthlike design forms.


Principle 102 :: The Artwork of Limitlessness and the human body

The particular challenges of artistic practice in weightlessness are based on body positioning and
its internalized orientation to the ground. What opens novel opportunities of design for the artist
can cause disorientation and nausea in the recipient while he/she interacts with the work of art in
weightlessness. For this reason, the artwork follows the complexity of the zero-gravity environment
and subjective verticality.

Artworks of Limitlessness include accessibility, simplicity in operation, mobility, and multi-
directionality in order to support human cognition.


Principle 103 :: Floating user – floating object interaction is unique

The floating user – floating object interaction is limited to outer space. This interaction corresponds
to the extended field of locomotion of the human being in the zero-gravity environment, enabling a
common floating, tumbling and spinning of the user and the art object. The weightless environment
fosters joyful encounter with the artistic work.


Principle 104 :: Space-bound versus Earth-bound presentation

The direct experience of no-gravity artworks is not possible. Earthlings have to rely on
documentary forms and anecdotal reports, and then only experience the works indirectly.

On Earth, these presentations become a replacement of the genuine weightless experience. They
have to be conceptualized separately and differently. Each context requires its specific form of
realisation and presentation!