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keywords :: senses / sensory understimulation / cosmic phenomenas

300 sensorialness_principles

The Artwork of Sensorialness enhances earthly stimuli and provides the user with sensory abundance.

Principle 301 :: The Artwork of Sensorialness stimulates the spacefarer’s sensuous perception inside the space capsule

The artwork supports the human sensory apparatus and adds an object that protects the individual from monotony and boredom in the habitat. The artwork is meaningful because it constructively supports well-being. Artists should have the individual and cultural preferences of the user in mind.


Principle 302 :: The Artwork of Sensorialness triggers the cardinal senses.
It is window - like.

The artwork gives the spacefarer earthlike references. The best way to create a realistic and diverse environment is the stimulation of the human sensory apparatus in a multifarious manner. This happens by activating one of the cardinal senses individually or in combination with each other.


Principle 303 :: The Artwork of Sensorialness promotes holistic experiences

The artwork is designed for cross-feelings and simultaneous observations. In synaesthetic perception more than one sense is elicited at the same time. Multimedia art concepts enable multi-sensorial fields of experience. The artwork combines the five cardinal senses with the senses of the body: temperature, vibration, and body movements.


Principle 304 :: The Artwork of Sensorialness augments human senses

The artwork provides the spacefarer with augmented and extended senses. But this is important, as the human sensory organs are unable to perceive the cosmic environment. Because our sensory apparatus has developed in the Earth environment, the human being cannot perceive cosmic radiation, solar flashes or black holes. But these phenomena are lethal.